Making Purchases On Mobile Phones

Shopping has changed significantly over just the last 5 years. Local shops often find that customers want to place an order online, and then come pick up their order. What used to be catalog sales have for the most part been replaced by internet sales, and those have grown exponentially. Even people who do not consider themselves tech-savvy now order over their land-lines and iPhones.


Android and iPhones now make shopping even easier with apps. Amazon, for instance, has apps so that you can shop your favorite stores and sites with ease. Many business owners do not realize the proverbial gold mine of marketing available to them with the use of apps. By adding a mobile version of your business web site, you can capture a significant segment of the consumer population that you now lose to competitors.
Roughly 60% of consumers say they have made at least one purchase by using an app on their phone. If your website and shopping cart cannot interface with mobile devices, you lose 60% of the customers looking for your product or service.
When people are shopping on their mobile phones, 80% of them will make a purchase that very day. That is a very fast turnaround.

Brand Recognition

In business, it is all about brand recognition. People are simply far more likely to do business with a company or brand that “rings a bell”. Nike doesn’t even put their name on their iconic “swoosh”, anymore, because of brand recognition. Branding is a science all its own, and requires smart design and clever strategy for promotion. You can help to build your own brand recognition with mobile apps and mobile marketing.
One great example of this is Clothesmaid. The UK has seen a perfect example of mobile marketing with this company, with its mobile platform, intuitive navigation, and easy shopping cart. Other companies follow the lead by developing a logo and name that catches attention in an icon used for an app.

Easy Shopping


One of the reasons people like to shop on line is because it is easier that going in person. In fact, most employees confess to shopping online while they are at work, rather than doing their jobs. You couldn’t do that in person. Imagine saying to your boss, “Oh, I need to step out and check a sale on bags. Back in 15 minutes.”
While shopping while you are at work may not be ethical, it is an excellent example of the power of marketing on the internet, and of making your business available via handheld mobile devices.


Potential customers can also see everything your business has to offer when they are on the internet. Your shop may be out of stock on some items, but your customers can still see it online. Of course, this does not compensate for seeing something in person, but it helps consumers make their choices much more quickly.
Your business can profit from purchases on mobile phones. Contact your web designer to find out how.

Developing Your Yoga Skills

Bit of a less techy post today, I want to introduce you to something which has enlightened me, today we’ll be talking about Yoga.

Yoga – that 1970’s weirdo/spiritual-type meditation stuff – is actually one of the best forms of exercise you can find! That’s right, it is low-impact but strenuous, and literally anyone can participate. Whether you are a long-distance runner, body builder, or pudgy, middle-aged housewife (like me), yoga can improve your body, your health, and your life.

Not a Cliché


When a friend of mine nagged me into coming to a yoga health farm with her, I expected incense and chanting. I did not, however, expect to sweat. I did not expect to be sore the next day. To my great surprise, yoga was EXERCISE! Ok, sure, there was some chanting involved, but for me, it just helped to disguise the moaning and grunting that were squeezed out of me.
Yoga found muscles in me that I didn’t know I had. And made them sore. But, you know what? I went back.

Growing in Skills

Years later, I still do yoga, and continually find new ways in which to grow and mature. Now, please notice that I said “mature” and not “age”, because it seems like aging has taken a hiatus. Sure, a decade and a half has taken somewhat of a toll on me, but yoga has adapted. I have been able to avoid many of the ills of others my age simply because I am stronger physically and emotionally. I have better balance, fewer illnesses, and have acquired the “yoga calm” I need to face a changing world.

Ever Evolving


When I first started yoga, lo these many years ago, I considered certain poses to be the results of showing off. Who would want to do that to their bodies?
Granted, I have not achieved some of the more advanced exercises, and probably never will. But, I have learned that by ever striving for the next level of exertion, my body responds by getting stronger and more stable. The concentration involved has kept my mind sharp and my emotions controllable.

The science of yoga itself is evolving, with the ancient forms being studied and brought to 21st century practitioners. Far from being a “superstition”, it is a series of developed studies that help the participant get in shape and gain more self-awareness.
There are actually over 14 kinds of ancient yoga, because many different religions practiced it. Some versions are more spiritual, while others are more physical. All, however, require the practitioner to turn senses and concentration within, to become aware of the subtle nuances of muscle activity, even down to blood flow. The calming effect of concentration on something other than outside factors has made yoga an indispensable part of the lives of millions.

Grow With You


There is always room for improvement. For some, running a marathon is a legitimate goal. Others, when they reach their goal in yoga, find there is more beyond. That’s one of the reasons yoga is such a valuable tool in keeping your mind and body healthy. You are never really finished with yoga.