Finding Specific Garden Decorations

Finding Specific Garden Decorations

As spring approaches, gardeners’ hearts and thoughts turn to revitalizing their surroundings. Not only does mulch need to be replaced and freeze damaged limbs removed, but lawns need to be treated and bedding plants – well – planted. ‘Tis also the season to consider your next garden decoration. Maybe you’ve always wanted to have a small fountain in your garden, or considered a large, free-standing planter with a beautiful specimen tree for your patio. Or, perhaps you’re considering accent lighting, or security lighting. Whatever you want for your garden, you can find it at any of a number of home improvement stores in the UK. And, you can find it even easier with one of these great apps.



Perhaps one of the biggest DIY stores in the UK is B&Q. You can find just about anything there, from carpet to doorknobs to garden decorations. Check out their app, and you’ll find that statuary, fountains, edging materials, and planters each have their own categories. This makes it much easier to find that perfect “gazing ball” for the corner with all of your azaleas.



Argos is another great DIY store that offers an app for your shopping convenience. Garden pots and containers, garden ornaments, accessories for your garden, water features, and even decking and lighting are featured at Argos. Go big, or go small, you can find a water feature that fits on your patio, or have a massive structure in the center of your long driveway. That specific garden decoration is featured on the Argos app, and you can find it with the flick of a finger.



For sheer selection, you can hardly fault Wickes. Get the Wickes app, and you’ll access all kinds of information and how-to tutorials for laying that footpath, installing accent lighting, or selecting security systems for your garden and home. Get ideas for using planters and containers for terraced planting, or simply find the perfect solar sidewalk lights for the garden pathway.

House and Garden


House and Garden has an app that not only helps you to decorate your house, it will give you great ideas for your garden. Incorporate that old goat trough as a planter in your garden, or find a great solution for adding greenery to shady areas, just by using the House and Garden app. You’ll see unusual uses for various garden decorations, and creative ideas for old lawn equipment. For example, one page in the app shows an old, rusted wheelbarrow with peeling paint. But, it has been transformed with a cascading planting of flowers and vines.

Period Living


Period Living is another app you should check out, They have an entire section on gardens, and you can see period style gardens that will fit in with just about any architectural style. The great thing is, if they feature a particular garden decoration, they’ll tell you where to find it for yourself. This is garden decorating made easy.

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