Surfing Apps For The UK

You have probably heard the popular ad campaign that says “There’s an app for that”. Well, believe it or not, there is an app for just about anything in the world, including surfing! In fact, there is a whole host of apps for surfing, so before you plan your holiday, check out these apps to see if today is the day you will catch the big one!

Why Get Surfing Apps?

Why do you need surfing apps, anyway? The ocean is always rolling, and short of a hurricane, tropical storm, or typhoon, what else could get in the way of a great week surfing?

Well, surfing apps will tell you exactly where the best waves and conditions are in any designated area. For example, how much fun would it be to head for your favorite beach, only to get there and find that the average wave height is 0 ft? That can be especially frustrating when you find out, later, that only 30 miles down the coast, the waves were 6 ft! That’s what surfing apps can do for you. You can find out not only the average wave height for any given destination, this is especially helpful if you have a surf school in Bude, then you can find out the wind direction and sometimes even the wind strength.

Surfing Apps: Seabreeze Free

Find Waves is a free app that goes a little further than just telling you wind direction and wave height. The info is updated every 4 hours. You do get up-to-date wind direction information, but you also get graphics that give you a great visualization of what is going on at that particular site. You can see tide information and wave height, but you also get swell direction graphics, as well. This app also provides maps and charts from the Bureau of Meteorology. The forecast for the rest of the day is also included.

Surfing Apps: Surf Watch

Surf Watch is not free, but at only $11, it’s not going to break the bank, either. With Surf Watch, you get NOAA updates. The information is customizable, and you can tap in your desired location for swell alerts, wind speed, and tide status. Many users who have used Buoyweather at the same price have switched to Surf Watch. The forecast covers all of the necessary information you need for surfing later that day.

Surfing Apps: goFlow Surf

goFlow Surf is a worldwide app, meaning that it gives you info on surf sites all over the world. You can establish a profile with this app and get to know other surfers in designated areas. You can post to this app yourself, sharing your observations and photos, and even post to Facebook. This social app for surfing is popular for those who like to meet up with other surfers – or who simply like to brag.

Surfing Apps: Surfboard Finder

There is also an app that will help you find new equipment. You can get info on surf stores and inquire toward the particular equipment you want.

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