The Best Mobile Apps For Fashion

The Best Mobile Apps For Fashion


From a flash sale to the hottest runway trends, you can have the latest fashion news at your fingertips. The best mobile apps for fashion will keep you informed and excited about things to come, and tell you where to find the most trendy fashions based on your location. Here are some of the hottest mobile apps for fashion.

Stylebook Closet


Stylebook gives you a chance to catalog your wardrobe. Every piece of seasalt clothing, night ware and accessories can be uploaded to the app, and categorized. This is invaluable when you’re shopping. You can also use the app for planning your wardrobe for trips, parties, or even work. Are you afraid you’ll get in a rut? Stylebook will solve that problem by allowing you to notate what you wore and where you wore it, so that you don’t show up twice in the same outfit. You can plan your wardrobe around your basic pieces, and select accessories that go perfectly with your favorite items.


Polyvore gives you a chance to build boards with pictures of your favorite things. It is sort of a Pinterest for fashion only, giving you a chance to make a notebook of various outfits. Incorporate your existing wardrobe and add other pieces as you find them to create flawless looks. You can look at other peoples’ collages, and get their input on your own. It’s sort of a best friend in an app, so that you can get ideas on how to get the most from everything from basic pieces to statement items.

Like to Know It

Like to Know it gives you the latest trends on Instagram. You can build a wish list, and see what your favorite online personality is trending. When you find a piece on Like to Know It, it will tell you where to find the item in your location. You can even get emails that tell you where each product can be found, and you can make your purchase online, on the spot.




With Mallzee, you can organize your different looks. You can have one notebook with work ensembles, another for hot dates, and any other styles you want to use. Then, you go shopping online to find pieces to complete each look and put them on your wish list. You’ll receive notification as soon as any item goes on sale, so that you can save money and look great doing it.

Keep Shopping

This is a never-ending shopping cart. You can shop at all of the stores you want, and buy all of the brands you want, and just check out one time! Keep Shopping has its own stores from which you can shop, or you can go anywhere on the web you want. Throw everything into the same shopping cart, and pay when you’re done.

Fashion apps can keep you on your toes stylistically, but they can save you tons of money, too. Designer clothing and accessories are easier to find, and they come looking for you when there’s a sale!




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