Use Apps To Learn To Dance

Use Apps To Learn To Dance

The skill of dancing evades most people. Watching other people on the dance floor does not help, because, seriously, most of them look stupid, and you do not want to look like they do, right? Furthermore, unless you attended cotillion as a child, you probably were never taught to dance. But, you do not have to remain a wallflower. You can look just as silly as everybody else, and have fun doing it, you won’t have to worry about your dance shoes when learning to dance using apps.

Pocket Salsa


Don’t you love watching people do the salsa? Believe it or not, there is a series of moves you do in salsa that is not to hard to learn. You can learn them with Pocket Salsa. There are over 100 lessons included on this app, and gives you plenty of great rhythms to practice with in preparation for your next party. This app runs about $4.

Bboy Step by Step


Learn the basics of street dance with the $2 Bboy Step by Step. Taught by Bboy Jeromeskee, of Rock steady, the app offers 15 tutorials that can teach you the footwork of street dancing, along with toprock and freezing. In addition, if you are left handed, you can flip the video.

Breakdance Step-by-Step


For $5, you can get more detailed instruction on how to breakdance like a pro. The windmill, tornado, floats, threading, six step, baby freeze, backspins, and handglides are just a few of famous moves you can learn with this app. While this app is a little pricier than others, you get nearly 50 tutorials that give vast details on a wide variety of moves. It even takes you up to the so-called power moves of the trax/halos and 2000s.

Learn Hip Hop Dance


Brice Johnson, otherwise known as “Professor Lock”, teaches these tutorials on Hip Hop dance. For only $2, you can learn the Running Man, the Dougie, and the Harlem Shake. Critics also say that Johnson does a great job of guiding users of the app in developing their own style and looking great while they do it.



Ok, Zumba may be seen as more of an exercise than a dance, but it moves to music, so that’s a lot like a dance, right? This $5 app is another pricy one, but you get lots of workouts to some great Latin music.

Tap App


Do you wish you could learn some more traditional moves? Tap App is $2, and teaches you how to tap dance. This classic dance is illustrated with detailed drawings that instruct you in each move, and then demonstrates them in the tutorials. With this app, you learn the 12 basic steps that comprise tap dancing. There are two $1 add-on packs that teach an additional 24 steps. There are plenty of instructions and practice opportunities with these tutorials.

Dance the Rumba

The Rumba is another popular dance that has made a comeback. This app is free, and gives you 5 lessons. There are eleven more at $1 each.


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