A Look At Some of The Top Translation Apps For Your Phone

There are a some great online language-learning tools available – if you don’t mind spending the money. The least expensive of these is still nearly £100 – Quite steep! Still, it may just be worth the investment if you are dedicated to learning a new language. It is not, however, necessary to get out your wallet and spend hundreds of pounds at the outset, or pay monthly fees for maintenance of your language lessons. You can find free or inexpensive apps for your Android or iOS, and learn languages for nothing more than a finger swipe. Here are is a look at some of the top translation apps for your iphone.

BBC Quickstart

Quickstart iPhone App

Quickstart App IconQuickstart App IconQuickstart App IconQuickstart App Icon

The BBC has a free app called BBC Languages, a bit similar to their bitesize program. Check out their website, because it has a lot to offer people wanting to learn foreign languages at any level. Whether you want to simply learn common phrases in a language or become conversational , you can find graduated, skills-appropriate lessons in some of the most popular languages for the self-taught.
There is a section called “quick fix” that has the common phrases. But, if you wanted more in-depth training, you can take an assessment test to determine your level. It’s professional translation in your hand There are quite a few resources, too, including activities and games that go well with the provided vocabulary lists. You can also watch video lessons. All of this is structured for the person who really wants to learn to speak the language. This app is available for the major European languages as well as Chinese and Greek.


With Busuu, you can be part of a language group, experimenting with your new language with other learners. There are a lot of flashcards at first, with many small words and phrases, but it quickly begins to come together to form language skills. You will also practice writing the language. Most of the feedback will be from actual native language speakers, so that you learn the true vernacular. It is available in the European languages, Brazilian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. If you want to learn more than one language at a time, you have to pay about $25 per month.


This is an app that lets you practice your exercises and learn the basics of your selected languages free of charge. Once you develop some skills in the language, you start translating content from the computer. The Duolingo community rates your translations, which actually ends up being one of the best ways to learn the language. You can learn English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, or Italian in this way.


LingQ bills itself as a free app, but the free services are very, very minimal. To get into any meaty lessons, you have to pay $10 a month. Most people who have used this app say it is far better to have a little bit of experience with the language before you start using the app. New material is not presented very well, pedagogically.
These apps can help you learn a foreign language. After all, how handy is it to have a pocket translator and teacher all in one?

Room Design Apps

Apps and app technology is so popular these days that even Windows has made an attempt to utilize that technology. Potential customers can use apps for everything from getting surf information to selecting a bistro for brunch. Room design apps help people view rooms in their offices or homes with different furniture arrangements, color schemes, and lighting solutions. Most apps are free, and others cost practically nothing, especially when you consider the amount of money you save on purchases. Face it, most people have bought the wrong color paint at least once in their lifetime. With that in mind, here are some room design apps that will revolutionize the way you look at your home or office.



HOUZZ is a big online presence for homeowners and homebuilders. Builders clamor to get their houses featured on HOUZZ. This site’s room design app gives you great ideas for each room of the house, from the home office to kids rooms, the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms. You can also get great ideas for your workplace. You can even get good ideas on the effective use of office plants for guiding traffic and creating a welcoming atmosphere. HOUZZ will tell you where to get the items featured on its site.

IHandy Carpenter


This cool tool is actually a tool you can use on the work site. This app turns your handheld device into a level, a ruler, a plumb bob, and a protractor. This is great for using your smartphone for measuring surface area to order wall coverings and flooring, for hanging pictures and shelves straight, and for getting those door frames straight up and down.

Handy Man DIY


With Handy Man DIY, you get an app that will take the dimensions you enter for your office. Then, you can rearrange the furniture in the app, getting ideas for where each piece will fit and how it looks. You get a good idea of what your office or home will look like with each layout. You can even enter in the position of things like office plants and wall hangings to get an overall picture.

Home Design 3D


You can build your house from foundation to roof with Home Design 3D. You can choose a floor plan and draw the rooms the way you want them. You can even select the thickness of the walls (can you say “hidden room”) and adjust the height of the ceilings to your taste – the app will adjust the roof accordingly. From there, you can even chose the types of windows you want, as well as paint colors, wallpaper, flooring, and doors. Choose your light fixtures, too. When you are done with your design, you can take a 3D tour of your new home or office. Add furniture, and change the design, too.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture


Benjamin Moore Color Capture will allow you to take a picture of a color you really like and match it with their line of paints. They also recommend coordinating colors.

6 Great Hotel And Bed And Breakfast Apps

If you use your iPhone or android for just about everything, welcome to the club. It is estimated that about 60% of all cellphone users have an iPhone or android. Furthermore, about 80% of these people use their handheld device for shopping. That means they use these miniature computers for everything from choosing a lunch spot for the day to planning a holiday. Large and small businesses are discovering the value of having easily converted websites, and have joined the app community for the convenience of their customers. With that in mind here are some of the best hotel and bed and breakfast apps out there, today.

UK B&B Map


This app receives 4 stars of 5, and is well reviewed by most visitors. It lists over 16,000 bed and breakfast establishments throughout the UK, making it one of the most comprehensive on the market. With this app, you can link to the B&Bs website, read reviews from other travelers, and get contact information for telephone and email. You’ll also get a pin on the map showing how to find the lodgine, and get directions to the location, as well.

AA Bed & Breakfast Guide

The AA provides a comprehensive app that will guide you through thousands of Beds and Breakfasts in the UK. These places have all been inspected, and range from cozy farms and cottages to country inns and posh urban digs. The information you get with app will include the website link, telephone number, pricing, and pictures and descriptions of the facilities. The app will also display a map of the area, and allow you to explore the surrounding area.

Time Out


This a guide through London, and is based on the magazine by the same name. You can get listings of hotels, inns, and B&Bs broken down by areas, and find hints and tips for dining and entertainment, as well . This app also includes maps and reviews, along with pictures.

Lonely Planet

Another great guide to get you through cities, the Lonely Planet covers London, along with 125 other cities. The guides help you to navigate the streets, find hotels or other lodging, and find affordable restaurants. You can also find out what kind of shopping is in the area. The app also has phrase books for each city, and you get 5 e-books with the app.



Kayak is still one of the best search apps for someone planning a holiday. You can not only search out hotels and bed & breakfasts, you can book flights and hire a car through Kayak.

AA Hotel Guide

As with the Bed & Breakfast Guide, the Hotel Guide provides you with comprehensive listings of hotels in the UK, complete with reviews, website links, booking links, and directions. Each of the facilities mentioned have been inspected by the AA, and earn their stars through quality service, clean facilities, and up to date amenities.

Making Purchases On Mobile Phones

Shopping has changed significantly over just the last 5 years. Local shops often find that customers want to place an order online, and then come pick up their order. What used to be catalog sales have for the most part been replaced by internet sales, and those have grown exponentially. Even people who do not consider themselves tech-savvy now order over their land-lines and iPhones.


Android and iPhones now make shopping even easier with apps. Amazon, for instance, has apps so that you can shop your favorite stores and sites with ease. Many business owners do not realize the proverbial gold mine of marketing available to them with the use of apps. By adding a mobile version of your business web site, you can capture a significant segment of the consumer population that you now lose to competitors.
Roughly 60% of consumers say they have made at least one purchase by using an app on their phone. If your website and shopping cart cannot interface with mobile devices, you lose 60% of the customers looking for your product or service.
When people are shopping on their mobile phones, 80% of them will make a purchase that very day. That is a very fast turnaround.

Brand Recognition

In business, it is all about brand recognition. People are simply far more likely to do business with a company or brand that “rings a bell”. Nike doesn’t even put their name on their iconic “swoosh”, anymore, because of brand recognition. Branding is a science all its own, and requires smart design and clever strategy for promotion. You can help to build your own brand recognition with mobile apps and mobile marketing.
One great example of this is Clothesmaid. The UK has seen a perfect example of mobile marketing with this company, with its mobile platform, intuitive navigation, and easy shopping cart. Other companies follow the lead by developing a logo and name that catches attention in an icon used for an app.

Easy Shopping


One of the reasons people like to shop on line is because it is easier that going in person. In fact, most employees confess to shopping online while they are at work, rather than doing their jobs. You couldn’t do that in person. Imagine saying to your boss, “Oh, I need to step out and check a sale on bags. Back in 15 minutes.”
While shopping while you are at work may not be ethical, it is an excellent example of the power of marketing on the internet, and of making your business available via handheld mobile devices.


Potential customers can also see everything your business has to offer when they are on the internet. Your shop may be out of stock on some items, but your customers can still see it online. Of course, this does not compensate for seeing something in person, but it helps consumers make their choices much more quickly.
Your business can profit from purchases on mobile phones. Contact your web designer to find out how.

Use Apps To Learn To Dance

The skill of dancing evades most people. Watching other people on the dance floor does not help, because, seriously, most of them look stupid, and you do not want to look like they do, right? Furthermore, unless you attended cotillion as a child, you probably were never taught to dance. But, you do not have to remain a wallflower. You can look just as silly as everybody else, and have fun doing it, you won’t have to worry about your dance shoes when learning to dance using apps.

Pocket Salsa


Don’t you love watching people do the salsa? Believe it or not, there is a series of moves you do in salsa that is not to hard to learn. You can learn them with Pocket Salsa. There are over 100 lessons included on this app, and gives you plenty of great rhythms to practice with in preparation for your next party. This app runs about $4.

Bboy Step by Step


Learn the basics of street dance with the $2 Bboy Step by Step. Taught by Bboy Jeromeskee, of Rock steady, the app offers 15 tutorials that can teach you the footwork of street dancing, along with toprock and freezing. In addition, if you are left handed, you can flip the video.

Breakdance Step-by-Step


For $5, you can get more detailed instruction on how to breakdance like a pro. The windmill, tornado, floats, threading, six step, baby freeze, backspins, and handglides are just a few of famous moves you can learn with this app. While this app is a little pricier than others, you get nearly 50 tutorials that give vast details on a wide variety of moves. It even takes you up to the so-called power moves of the trax/halos and 2000s.

Learn Hip Hop Dance


Brice Johnson, otherwise known as “Professor Lock”, teaches these tutorials on Hip Hop dance. For only $2, you can learn the Running Man, the Dougie, and the Harlem Shake. Critics also say that Johnson does a great job of guiding users of the app in developing their own style and looking great while they do it.



Ok, Zumba may be seen as more of an exercise than a dance, but it moves to music, so that’s a lot like a dance, right? This $5 app is another pricy one, but you get lots of workouts to some great Latin music.

Tap App


Do you wish you could learn some more traditional moves? Tap App is $2, and teaches you how to tap dance. This classic dance is illustrated with detailed drawings that instruct you in each move, and then demonstrates them in the tutorials. With this app, you learn the 12 basic steps that comprise tap dancing. There are two $1 add-on packs that teach an additional 24 steps. There are plenty of instructions and practice opportunities with these tutorials.

Dance the Rumba

The Rumba is another popular dance that has made a comeback. This app is free, and gives you 5 lessons. There are eleven more at $1 each.


Surfing Apps For The UK

You have probably heard the popular ad campaign that says “There’s an app for that”. Well, believe it or not, there is an app for just about anything in the world, including surfing! In fact, there is a whole host of apps for surfing, so before you plan your holiday, check out these apps to see if today is the day you will catch the big one!

Why Get Surfing Apps?

Why do you need surfing apps, anyway? The ocean is always rolling, and short of a hurricane, tropical storm, or typhoon, what else could get in the way of a great week surfing?

Well, surfing apps will tell you exactly where the best waves and conditions are in any designated area. For example, how much fun would it be to head for your favorite beach, only to get there and find that the average wave height is 0 ft? That can be especially frustrating when you find out, later, that only 30 miles down the coast, the waves were 6 ft! That’s what surfing apps can do for you. You can find out not only the average wave height for any given destination, this is especially helpful if you have a surf school in Bude, then you can find out the wind direction and sometimes even the wind strength.

Surfing Apps: Seabreeze Free

Find Waves is a free app that goes a little further than just telling you wind direction and wave height. The info is updated every 4 hours. You do get up-to-date wind direction information, but you also get graphics that give you a great visualization of what is going on at that particular site. You can see tide information and wave height, but you also get swell direction graphics, as well. This app also provides maps and charts from the Bureau of Meteorology. The forecast for the rest of the day is also included.

Surfing Apps: Surf Watch

Surf Watch is not free, but at only $11, it’s not going to break the bank, either. With Surf Watch, you get NOAA updates. The information is customizable, and you can tap in your desired location for swell alerts, wind speed, and tide status. Many users who have used Buoyweather at the same price have switched to Surf Watch. The forecast covers all of the necessary information you need for surfing later that day.

Surfing Apps: goFlow Surf

goFlow Surf is a worldwide app, meaning that it gives you info on surf sites all over the world. You can establish a profile with this app and get to know other surfers in designated areas. You can post to this app yourself, sharing your observations and photos, and even post to Facebook. This social app for surfing is popular for those who like to meet up with other surfers – or who simply like to brag.

Surfing Apps: Surfboard Finder

There is also an app that will help you find new equipment. You can get info on surf stores and inquire toward the particular equipment you want.