The Importance Of Mobile Website Compatibility

It seems just a few short years ago that we were trying to convince business owners that they needed a website. As technology advances, so does the need for updated communication techniques by businesses. Now, mobile website compatibility is a necessity for most businesses. In fact, if your website is not compatible to mobile devices you are probably losing business.

Internet Business


Statics vary, but most of them show that at least 80 percent of people will look a business up on the internet such as Code 6 Timber before they ever visit the store or make a purchase. That means that 80 percent of shoppers will not do business with you if they can’t find you on the internet.

Are you are willing to tell 80 percent of the people in your town that you don’t care if you get their business or not? Without a website, you might as well do that.

So, you’ve invested in a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and includes a shopping cart. When someone needs to shop for furniture in your town, your store shows up on the first page of Google. When someone is sitting at their desk at work, and remember that they need a wedding gift, they can look you up on their PC or laptop and place an order.

Mobile Internet

But, what are you going to do when the potential customer is at lunch? Here are some new statistics for you. Remember, this is a generalization based on several different studies. 60 percent of internet shoppers shop on their mobile devices. In fact, those shoppers seldom shop using their laptop or PCs, because their smartphone does exactly what they want.

A figure that is even more impressive is 80 percent of those shoppers will make a purchase that very day. That is an impressive turnover. This is why your website needs to convert to mobile devices quickly.

Website Conversion


Your website, however, needs to be designed to convert easily. Each page needs to be resized so that the most vital information shows up on the handheld screen. When a customer loads your website on his or her phone and sees only a fraction of a bigger page, they will skip your business and move on to one that they can navigate more easily.

If your website has a lot of flash, then it won’t download onto mobile devices. Therefore, videos, music, moving figures, or flashing lights not only will keep your site from downloading, it can lock up the handheld device. This is the kiss of death with customers.

The search engines also pay attention to whether or not your website converts to handheld devices. If it doesn’t, you lose rankings. When shoppers can’t load your website, the browsers move your site down in rankings. You slip off of the first page of Google or whatever search engine is being used.

Contact your web host to see if they can convert your website to mobile marketing. Your business will pick up, and sales will increase.

The Best Mobile Apps For Fashion


From a flash sale to the hottest runway trends, you can have the latest fashion news at your fingertips. The best mobile apps for fashion will keep you informed and excited about things to come, and tell you where to find the most trendy fashions based on your location. Here are some of the hottest mobile apps for fashion.

Stylebook Closet


Stylebook gives you a chance to catalog your wardrobe. Every piece of seasalt clothing, night ware and accessories can be uploaded to the app, and categorized. This is invaluable when you’re shopping. You can also use the app for planning your wardrobe for trips, parties, or even work. Are you afraid you’ll get in a rut? Stylebook will solve that problem by allowing you to notate what you wore and where you wore it, so that you don’t show up twice in the same outfit. You can plan your wardrobe around your basic pieces, and select accessories that go perfectly with your favorite items.


Polyvore gives you a chance to build boards with pictures of your favorite things. It is sort of a Pinterest for fashion only, giving you a chance to make a notebook of various outfits. Incorporate your existing wardrobe and add other pieces as you find them to create flawless looks. You can look at other peoples’ collages, and get their input on your own. It’s sort of a best friend in an app, so that you can get ideas on how to get the most from everything from basic pieces to statement items.

Like to Know It

Like to Know it gives you the latest trends on Instagram. You can build a wish list, and see what your favorite online personality is trending. When you find a piece on Like to Know It, it will tell you where to find the item in your location. You can even get emails that tell you where each product can be found, and you can make your purchase online, on the spot.




With Mallzee, you can organize your different looks. You can have one notebook with work ensembles, another for hot dates, and any other styles you want to use. Then, you go shopping online to find pieces to complete each look and put them on your wish list. You’ll receive notification as soon as any item goes on sale, so that you can save money and look great doing it.

Keep Shopping

This is a never-ending shopping cart. You can shop at all of the stores you want, and buy all of the brands you want, and just check out one time! Keep Shopping has its own stores from which you can shop, or you can go anywhere on the web you want. Throw everything into the same shopping cart, and pay when you’re done.

Fashion apps can keep you on your toes stylistically, but they can save you tons of money, too. Designer clothing and accessories are easier to find, and they come looking for you when there’s a sale!




The New Way To Train

A personal online trainer is the newest way to train. Whether you combine your gym membership with an online trainer, or forgo the gym altogether, you will find that the convenience and personal attention of an online trainer is the best way to go.



While a gym membership is great, there are some times that it is really hard to get there on schedule. Even 24 hour gyms do not have a personal trainer on site at all times. However, with an online personal trainer, you will have a number of trainers who are familiar with your profile, your exercise regimen, and your diet. If one trainer is not available at the time you are ready to work out, you will find another on call, ready to go.

Full Service

Your personal online trainer will provide more than just accountability. When you are connected online with your training, you will find that all of your information goes into the program. With special apps, your heart rate, calories consumed, miles traveled, and even respirations will be graphed. Your personal trainer will keep track of it all, making recommendations for your workout. So you have not only a real person as a trainer, but you have the benefit of software that keeps track of your progress, as well.



Many people like having a personal trainer because it makes them accountable to somebody for their workout. If you do not make it to the gym, you may get a text or phone call from the trainer.

It is the same with a personal online trainer. You will receive regular contacts from your trainer, checking on your progress and keeping track. He or she will keep you apprised of new workout routines and dietary recommendations.

Resources with Your Personal Online Trainer


Another great feature you get with an online trainer is instant contact. You may not be comfortable calling your trainer at the gym with a question about dinner. Your friends are all going out after work, and you have never been to this particular restaurant. Maybe you would like to ask what you should order. With a personal online trainer, you can log on and enter where you will be dining that night. Then, you can get menu recommendations that will maintain your diet and keep you on track.


When you go traveling, there is no need to worry about getting off track with your workout routine or your diet. Just go online and enter your destination, and you will receive recommendations for area gyms, tracks, weight rooms, or other facilities. You can even get a list of hotels that have the workout facilities that you need.

You can also get lists of restaurants and markets in the area that will give you the chance to eat out without messing up your diet.

A personal online trainer can help you stay on track and give you the personal attention you need to stay with your plan.